Confirm the Calling

assessmentChurch planting is not for everyone. How do you assess calling and readiness?

It's our goal to help prospective church planters confirm the source, specifics, and timing of their call to church planting as well to help them identify their giftedness and strengths as potential planters. We’re not interested in simply seeing more churches planted; we want to see more healthy churches planted.

What to Expect

Our assessment process includes two integrated elements: the online inventories and the in-person retreat.

  • The pre-assessment tools are designed to help the assessment team begin to understand some of the candidates’ history, experience, and calling.
  • The two-day in-person retreat is our chance to get to know the candidate and their spouse personally so that we can effectively evaluate their readiness as church planters through assessing various skills such as leadership and communication.

Each candidate (or couple) receives honest feedback from our team regarding areas of strength and opportunities for growth.

What You Will Receive

The assessment process is designed to provide a detailed report of our observations, including a recommendation for readiness.

  • As a representative of the sending organization, you or someone from your team will attend the assessment retreat with your candidate(s) and be directly involved in the post-assessment follow-up process. 
  • Following the Assessment Retreat, you, your candidate, and your candidate’s parent church will be provided with a detailed report of our observations and our final recommendation regarding the candidate’s readiness to plant a church.
  • Each candidate will receive a personalized growth plan based on the team’s observations and experience.

These elements combine to provide a clear picture of each candidate and their readiness to plant a healthy church.


Pre-Assessment Fee: $129.00

  • Comprehensive Inventory taken by both the candidate and spouse.

Assessment Retreat Candidate (Couple) Fee: $399

  • Includes lunch on both days, one dinner, all materials, and assessment team costs. 

Assessment Retreat Candidate Representative 

  • Each organization must send a representative to attend the retreat with their candidate(s).
  • There is no fee for the Candidate Representative to attend the retreat.

*Fees do not include travel - candidates and representatives are responsible for making their own transportation and hotel reservations.

Getting Started with the Multiply Group Assessment Process

If you are ready to leverage the power of the Multiply Group Assessment Process by being assessed at one of our Assessment Retreats scheduled throughout the year, you may begin the process by completing the Assessment Retreat Interest Form.

Click Here to Complete the Assessment Retreat Interest Form

*Note, this form should be completed by the potential church planter wishing to be assessed at an upcoming Assessment Retreat. After you have submitted your form, someone from our team will contact you within 1-3 days about next steps in the process.

Upcoming Assessment Dates

To view the upcoming Assessment Retreat dates for 2018, click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page.

2018 Send Network Assessment Retreat Dates