Planters Shouldn’t Go It Alone

coachingWhen planters go it alone, churches fail. How do you consistently provide effective coaching?

Even the most well-trained, experienced church planters need to have ongoing support if they’re going to succeed. The Multiply Group coaching framework is designed to help church planters navigate the challenges they will face in the initial stages of their church plant.

Why Multiply Group Coaching?

The Multiply Group Coaching workshop equips coaches to use our done-for-you Coaching Guides and gives them an opportunity to develop their skills as a coach. Effective coaching always brings transformation, and the Multiply Group coaching program is designed to do just that.

You will learn how to:

  • Foster a collaborative learning environment in your coaching group
  • Drive planters toward practical action steps that will transform their leadership behaviors
  • Interject key leadership principles and stories from your own experience
  • Apply Multiply Group coaching tools to drive discussion, self-discovery, and application

Most importantly, you'll be able to approach your calling with renewed energy and you'll see your church planters grow and develop right before your eyes.  

If you’re interested in becoming a coach for church planters or if that is currently a part of your role, the Multiply Group Coaching workshop is for you. 

12 Coaching Guides

The Multiply Group coaching approach is based on 12 core challenges that every planter faces … and how they can overcome them.

The 12 Guides are:

  • How to lead yourself
  • How to manage time
  • How to assimilate people
  • How to build a disciple-making culture
  • How to communicate vision
  • How to talk about money
  • How to deal with discouragement
  • How to develop leaders
  • How to evaluate systems
  • How to execute for results
  • How to lead a ministry team
  • How to recruit volunteers

Each Coaching Guide provides practical insights on how to navigate these challenges, while also offering a powerful level of focus to each coaching session, making them that much more effective.

Attend a Coaching Workshop

If you’re interested in attending one of our open Coaching Workshops, visit our Upcoming Events page to get details about dates and locations. You can begin the registration process today! Simply complete our contact form to get more information about being equipped to use Multiply Training.