Our Model

Church planting is one of the most effective methods presented in scripture for spreading the Good News of Jesus and inviting people into this new reality. But church planting isn’t easy. If you are responsible for identifying, training, and releasing people to plant healthy churches you probably feel an enormous responsibility for doing it well. And—at times—you probably feel a nagging sense that your current systems don’t produce healthy churches as regularly as you would like.


Multiply Group can help. Our model is designed to provide an operating system—a done-for-you, integrated framework based on proven church planting and leadership principles—to assess and train your church planters to launch healthy churches. The Multiply Group model provides reproducible systems that are proven to deliver the foundation your organization needs to more consistently plant healthy churches that are led by healthy leaders.

The Goal: 12 Leadership Competencies

Through out research, we have identified 12 Leadership Competencies that we feel must be present for a leader and a church to be healthy over the long term.

The 12 Leadership Competencies are:

  1. Identify & confirm a passionate sense of calling
  2. Master the discipline of leading yourself
  3. Understand the makeup of your community to develop a missional engagement strategy
  4. Cast a clear and compelling vision for your church plant
  5. Lead from a bold faith that takes prayerful risks
  6. Evaluate your values & integrate them into the DNA of your church
  7. Effectively raise & manage money
  8. Be intentional about making disciples that make disciples
  9. Develop measurable systems & structures to fulfill your vision
  10. Empower key leaders to execute the vision
  11. Communicate for kingdom impact
  12. Create a culture of multiplication

The entire Multiply Group operating system has been developed to teach and cultivate these 12 Competencies in each church planter. We teach leadership competencies rather than a specific church-planting model because most church plants seem to fail not because of the model but because of inadequate leadership. This makes the Multiply Group model highly transferable and ultimately more effective.

The Strategy: Assess, Train, & Coach

In order to cultivate the 12 Competencies in each church planter, the Multiply Group model contains two specific elements: Assessment and Training. Each of these elements has a specific purpose, with each phase building on the previous phase(s).

In the assessment process, church planters engage in a series of online inventories  and then an in-person retreat. Planters are evaluated on their current strengths and opportunities for growth, all from the lens of determining if they are ready to continue into the next phase of the Multiply Group process.

In the six month training phase, church planters learn and practice the 12 Leadership Competencies in an experiential and relational environment. This allows church planters to move beyond “book learning” to using the tools they will need to succeed.

Installing the Operating System

The Multiply Group strategy is comprehensive, providing reproducible systems for developing church planters who plant healthy churches. There are several different ways for you to implement the Multiply Group system in your organization. Check out the Assessment and Training pages for specific information about each phase.

Or, complete our contact form and a member of the Multiply Group team will connect with you to understand your specific situation and recommend possible solutions.